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Associate Supervisory/Audit Committee Member Template for Credit Unions

Associate Supervisory/Audit Committee Member Template for Credit Unions


An Associate Supervisory/Audit Committee Member Program (Program) is an invaluable asset for the Credit Union. Associate Members are not yet full Committee Members, yet they can play a highly influential and persuasive role on the Committee.


The Program strengthens the Committee’s renewal process by affording Associate Members valuable exposure and “on-the-job” training. In this way, the Committee can give an Associate Member an opportunity to learn about the Credit Union and the Committee and become thoroughly oriented to “hit the ground running,” should they ultimately join the Committee as a full Committee Member. It also allows the Credit Union to confirm that the Associate Member will make a good Committee Member before he or she is nominated or appointed for full Committee membership.


Associate Members are responsible for assisting the Committee, Board of Directors (Board) and Senior Management in safeguarding the members’ assets; ensuring the effectiveness of internal controls and the reliability and integrity of financial and operational information; maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of the Credit Union’s operations; complying with applicable laws and regulations; fostering and evaluating Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) activities to ensure the Credit Union’s long term viability and success; and ensuring the Credit Union has an annual audit conducted in a timely fashion.

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