"How do we know when to assess our Board, CEO and committees?"

"How do we know who to trust with these assessments?"

"Can we afford to conduct an assessment? Can we afford not to?"

"Where do we start?"

We can help you answer these questions and more!

  • Tiered Governance Assessment Options Built to Suit Your Needs and Budget
  • Redesigned Director Skills Assessment with Peer-to-Peer Option
  • All NEW Supervisory/Audit Committee Assessment Tool
  • CEO Evaluation

Quantum Governance, L3C is a dynamic team of experts in governance, strategy and fundraising designed to partner with your organization and help it reach its full leadership and mission potential.

We can assess the governance and leadership culture of your nonprofit, corporation, credit union, foundation or association. We are proficient in identifying, analyzing, crafting and helping to achieve those governance, strategy and fundraising goals that will advance your purpose. We welcome the opportunity to walk with you on the path of discovery and growth.

We're Here To Help You

Our goal is quite simply to strengthen your organization and its leaders. How can we help you?