Alessandra Daigneault, Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder & Senior Consultant

Alessandra Daigneault is the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Quantum Governance, L3C. She also serves as a Senior Consultant for the firm, supporting Quantum Governance clients with her nearly 30 years of experience in the business and legal sectors.

Alessandra is a 1985 graduate of Georgetown University and a 1988 graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center. She began her legal career in contracts negotiation and mergers and acquisitions at the Washington, DC office of one of Wall Street’s pre-eminent law firms, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. Alessandra became a partner at Tucker, Flyer & Lewis (now Venable LLP) in 1996, where she represented various clients in connection with corporate and commercial matters, including mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions and general corporate issues.

Alessandra’s previous positions include Chief Legal Counsel and a member of the senior management team of Teligent, Inc., a publicly-traded telecommunications company; as well as Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel at First Avenue Networks and FiberTower Corporation, both successor companies to Teligent and both publicly-traded telecommunication companies. In these capacities, Alessandra was responsible for negotiation of contracts and agreements, employment contracts, corporate compliance and filings, insurance, assistance in the development and implementation of company policies, and managing of internal and external legal counsel.

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