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Governance Services

We offer a variety of ways to assess your governance employing a combination of the following methodologies: proprietary online survey, document review, interviews with members of your board, supervisory/audit committee, and executive leadership. Additionally, focus groups, meeting observations, member surveys and environmental scans may be added.

Governance assessments are scaled to meet your organization’s needs. We can deliver the results of your assessment via an expertly facilitated retreat or a series of in-person or virtual workshops.

Deliverables may include a report, best practices tailored to your organization, and a governance action plan.

Additional governance services include: credit union industry benchmarking, year-to-year analysis for returning clients, developing a roadmap for growth and pre-merger assessment.

Additional Governance Assessment Tools

Leadership Culture Assessment & Policy Development 



Director Skills Inventory & Director Development Planning

CEO Succession Plan Assessment & Development

Supervisory/Audit Committee & Other Committee Assessments

Board Succession:
Assessment, Board Member of the Future Profile Development, Recruitment, Nominations & Succession Plan Development

Communications &
Information Architecture
Study: Reimagining
Your Board Packs &
Meeting Agendas

Contact us to learn more about how we can strengthen

the leadership and governance of your organization.

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Jennie Boden, CEO

Boden D 2021_edited.jpg
"One of the most vital governance issues that organizations are faced with today is the evolution of their governance policies, practices and systems as they grow. We've found that -- as one CEO put it -- many have been 'working with their Boards, but not on their Boards.' While the organizations (including the Management) are growing and evolving, so, too, must an organization's governance."
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