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Shannon Zayas

Chief Operating Officer

Shannon is the hub of the wheel and the key interface between Quantum Governance’s team and all clients.  Shannon is a focused, thoughtful and disciplined leader who oversees many of the operational functions of running the firm from fielding studies to staffing and financial oversight.  


Shannon worked at Achikian Goldsmiths, a regional retailer where she played key roles in sales, marketing, business solutions, research and accounting.  She started her career in the Audit and Advisory practice at KPMG, LLP where she assisted and led audits of public companies in the firm’s consumer and industrial business lines out of both the Philadelphia and the St. Louis offices.  

Shannon graduated from Virginia Tech in 2001 with a B.S. in Finance and in 2004 with an M.S. in Accounting, and lives in Maryland with her family.

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