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Dr. Alexander Stein

Founder & Managing Director,

Dolus Advisors (a Principal in the Boswell Group)

A licensed psychoanalyst, expert in human decision-making and behavior, and Adjunct Consultant with Quantum Governance, Dr. Stein serves as an advisor to CEOs, Senior Management teams and Boards across a broad array of industries on issues involving leadership, culture, governance, ethics, risk and other organizational matters with complex psychological underpinnings. Dr. Stein is also a passionate advocate for ethical and socially responsible technologies. Dr. Stein is widely published and cited in the business press and varied industry publications including Fast Company, INC, Financier Worldwide, Risk & Compliance, the Wall Street Journal, The FraudNet Report, among many others. A former monthly columnist for FORTUNE Small Business Magazine, CNN/Money, and CBS Business News covering the psychology of leadership and entrepreneurship, he currently contributes his expertise to Forbes focusing on the psychology of decision-making and unintended consequences in organizations and society. 

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