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About Quantum Governance, L3C

Our Vision

Exceptional Leadership for Mission-Driven Organizations.

Our Mission

Partnering with mission-driven leaders to enhance governance and strategy effectiveness for exceptional outcomes.

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Who We Are

Founded over a decade ago, Quantum Governance is an L3C, a low-profit, limited-liability service organization dedicated to the public good. We are experts in governance and strategy. Our work is designed to help organizations realize the full potential of their missions. 


Our team provides assessment, consulting, planning, facilitation and implementation services to mission-driven organizations of all sizes. 

Our Values

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We are committed to being truth tellers, knowing that candor empowers our clients to better fulfill their vision
and mission.

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We connect with empathy, kindness
and respect.

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We strive for creative
and nimble ways of thinking, doing and growing.

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We advocate for the enrichment that diverse backgrounds,experiences and perspectives provide in shaping better outcomes for

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We value the unique insights and contributions of each individual.

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We honor our commitments and build trust through consistently responsible actions.

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We set – and then work

to exceed – the standard of what is being asked or expected to produce work of the highest quality.

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