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The State Of Credit Union Governance 2020

Key findings include diversity as a priority and a desire to increase focus on strategy. For years, we’ve dreamt of studying the state of credit union governance. We know what you’re thinking: Dream bigger. Some people dream of European vacations. Fast cars. Beach houses. But for governance geeks like us, it’s often all about the…

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Effective Communications in the Board Room

A great number of the governance challenges that we come across in the work that our firm undertakes with credit unions can be boiled down to matters of communications. Are your board members crossing over into day-to-day operations? Well…have their roles and responsibilities been clearly defined, updated and effectively communicated to them? Are there two…

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The State of Credit Union Governance, 2018: Six Key Findings

We’ve been regularly surveying credit union board members, supervisory or audit committee members, CEOs and senior staff for the past five years. And for as many years as we’ve been surveying them, we’ve dreamed about the notion of pulling together a “state of the state” of credit union governance report – both to forward our own understanding…

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