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Taras Nohas

Founder & Principal,

TN Governance & Strategy

Taras Nohas is the Founder and Principal of TN Governance & Strategy and an Adjunct Consultant with Quantum Governance. Taras has extensive board experience and a true passion for credit union governance.  In addition to his firsthand experience, Taras successfully completed the Institute of Corporate Directors Program Designation (ICD.D) at Rotman University, as well as Rotman's Credit Union Directors program (CCD).  Recognizing the importance of lifelong learning Taras completed his Master’s Certificate in Risk Management and Business Process from the Schulich School at York University and the Executive Managers Program at the University of Alberta. 

Taras’ career has been marked by continuous advancement and learning and he served as the Director of Strategy at Servus Credit Union. Taras quickly joined the Executive Leadership Team as Vice President Strategy and Governance followed by his role as SVP Strategy and Governance. As an executive team member, Taras worked closely with the CEO and Board of Directors at Servus. Over the course of his career Taras has been a Board member on several for profit and nonprofit boards. In October 2022, Taras earned the Certified Management Consulting designation (CMC), which represents a commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to CMC Canada’s Uniform Code of Professional Conduct. Taras is a native of Edmonton and in his early education, completed a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA at the University of Alberta.  

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