Many times it’s difficult to address complex issues or challenges in regularly-scheduled, monthly or quarterly Board meetings. For these issues, we recommend that our clients consider a Board retreat. While sometimes the commitment of time seems a challenge, our clients find that the outcomes overwhelmingly outweigh any initial concerns.

Here at Quantum Governance, we provide a comprehensive Board retreat experience.  Our team will work with your Board leadership and senior management to prep for your retreat by:  

       QG_links Fielding a pre-retreat survey to address your goals

       QG_links Conducing one-on-one interviews with key Board members, senior management and if      
            desired, outside stakeholders

       QG_links Preparing a pre-retreat report for review and consideration

2010-09-06_16.15.57Your report will go beyond merely synthesizing and analyzing the results but also highlight key areas of strengths and offer our recommendations for next steps.  We will then use this report to provide context to create a productive, interactive experience for your Board retreat.

We employ a variety of techniques including PowerPoints, case-studies, hypotheticals, large and small group exercises, handouts and flip-charts – all designed to get your retreat attendees up, moving and engaged.

Our work doesn’t have to end there.  We can work with you to develop action plans to fully implement recommendations or work directly with your governance or strategic planning committee as it moves forward. 

To find out more about Quantum Governance, L3C and how we can help you…go ahead and call us, e-mail us, check us out on LinkedIn or send us a text!