Some say the definition of a consultant is one who is “engaged in the business of giving expert advice.” We like to think of ourselves as not only advisors but also constructive partners and facilitators of your success.  Frequently, our role is to help you and your colleagues discover the most appropriate leadership, governance, management, strategy and business model questions to ask.  Then, we’ll actively help you to find the answers.

We know we are not the ultimate experts concerning your organization.  You and your colleagues are.  We have, however, a broad array of skills, expertise and experience that can be of real value in fulfilling your mission.  

We bring to the table more than 30 years of experience on governance, strategic planning, management, leadership and Board issues.  We have helped hundreds of organizations strengthen their efforts, nationally and indeed around the world.  And, we have done so in a number of areas vital to organizational and mission success.  

We have worked with multi-billion dollar credit unions and foundations, multi-national corporations and small, community-based nonprofits.  Our experience is broad and diverse, and we are ready to put it to work for you.

We can help you:

QG_links Reframe the questions you are asking

QG_links Improve the constructive partnership between your Board and CEO

QG_links Deepen your understanding of best practices through effective coaching

QG_links Enhance your strategic thinking and planning process

QG_links Highlight the evolving role and responsibilities of your Board

QG_links Strengthen your Board’s composition, structure and culture

QG_links Develop more engaging and effective Board meetings

QG_links Update Board committee and task force charters, refine bylaws and Board policies


To find out more about Quantum Governance, L3C and how the members of our team can help you…go ahead and call us, e-mail us, check us out on LinkedIn or send us a text!