Understanding where you are is key to moving forward.

Our assessments are often used as the first step in many of our engagements – helping to frame current issues and opportunities for growth.  The focus of an assessment will shift depending on your agenda, but typically they may include:  

QG_links Boards

QG_links Chief Executive Officers

QG_links Board Committees

QG_links Board Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer)

QG_links Board Member Self-Assessments

QG_links Board Member Peer-To-Peer Assessments


To execute our assessments, we frequently employ six core phases:

1.  Planning & Organization.  In this initial phase, we discuss, plan and outline the basic process in collaboration with your Board and senior leadership, including key milestones, deliverables, timeline and the definition of success.

2.  On-Line Survey.  A customized, on-line survey is fielded to all members of the Board and select members of senior leadership to gather both quantitative and qualitative data.  We also offer a CEO survey and peer-to-peer surveys.

3. Interviews with Key Leaders.  In-depth interviews with select Board members and senior leadership are conducted to provide qualitative data.

4. Document Review.  Key organizational and strategic documents including your bylaws, board meeting minutes, committee charters, strategic plan and the like are reviewed.

5. Report Preparation & Submission.  A final report is prepared and submitted to the original planning committee.  In addition to findings and conclusions, we include initial recommendations for next steps.

6. Facilitated Retreat.  We will then use this report to provide context to create a productive, interactive retreat for your Board and senior leadership.  Beyond sharing key findings from the assessment, the retreat will identify Bold Next Steps to address recommendations offered in the report or which arise from the Retreat discussion.  


Our work doesn’t have to end there.  We can work with you to develop action plans to fully implement recommendations or work directly with your governance or strategic planning committee as it moves forward.

To find out more about Quantum Governance, L3C and how we can help you…go ahead and call us, e-mail us, check us out on LinkedIn or send us a text!