Quantum Governance Resources

Quantum Governance is pleased to provide resources in the field of governance and strategy to support you and your colleagues at the Board and senior management levels as you strive to become "Learning Organizations."  

Please feel free to copy and share the resources on the following pages in the spirit of learning and growth.

General Resources

Board Meeting Agenda.  Quantum Governance provides two sample Board meeting agendas, one- and two-hour agendas, complete with suggested timing per agenda items.

Core Responsibilities of a Board.  Quantum Governance provides an overview of the Core Responsibilities of a Board, in a governance context.

Decision Matrix.  This Decision-Making Matrix has been developed to aid Boards of Directors and their Chief Executives to think through and document the decision-making relationships within their own organizations. 

Exceptional Board Spectrum.  While most Boards have certain characteristics that fall in a number of areas along the spectrum from dysfunctional to exceptional, you will likely find that your Board operates predominantly from one area along the spectrum.  We have created a matrix that gives you a bit more detail of what we mean by each step.

The Nonprofit Board Secretary:  A New Role.  This cutting-edge white paper, prepared by Quantum Governance CEO Michael Daigneault, make the case for the Nonprofit Board Secretary as a organization's Chief Governance Officer.

Questions to Consider Before Joining a Board.  Joining a Board is a significant commitment. Evaluate your interest and the organization thoroughly before you decide if the organization is right for you and if you are right for the organization.  Consider the questions in this Quantum Governance fact sheet to help you assess your interest and fit.

Robert's Rules of Order/Quantum Governance Summary.  Quantum Governance provides a brief overview of the key rules to help provide order and structure for your Board meeting.  

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