Our Team

The Quantum Governance team is hand-picked and led by Michael G. Daigneault, the firm’s CEO and co-founder. 

With experience spanning credit unions, the charitable sector, manufacturing, finance, defense, legal, accounting, education, unions and more, Quantum Governance’s team of experienced consultants, facilitators, attorneys and professionals works virtually, allowing us to serve your needs while keeping our overhead low.

Our Goals? 

QG_links To exceed your expectations…

QG_linksTo be a positive facilitator of your success

QG_linksTo see your governance and leadership take a quantum leap to the next level…


Our Team

Michael G. Daigneault

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
phone:  703.242.2016

As the CEO of Quantum Governance, Michael brings more than 30 years of experience as a thought-provoking consultant, dynamic speaker and an engaging retreat facilitator. He regularly works with the leadership of nonprofits, credit unions, foundations and businesses to improve the effectiveness of their governance and leadership efforts. In particular, he has worked with such organizations to advance their governance practices, strategic ideas, boards of directors, board meetings and committee structures. He has provided governance direction, strategy and facilitation services to boards, executive committees and governance committees – as well as to senior executives – worldwide.

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Alessandra Daigneault

Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder & Senior Consultant
phone:  703.242.2016

Alessandra Daigneault is the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Quantum Governance, L3C. She also serves as a Senior Consultant for the firm, supporting Quantum Governance clients with her more than 25 years of experience in the business and legal sectors.

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Jennie Boden

Managing Director of Strategic Relationships & Senior Consultant
cell:  443.253.7478

Jennie Boden currently serves as Managing Director of Strategic Relationships and Senior Consultant at Quantum Governance – bringing to the organization more than two decades of experience in management, leadership, marketing communications and development expertise. Most recently, Jennie served as Executive Director of the Severna Park Community Center, a community-based nonprofit dedicated to enhancing family life and individual development. During her tenure, the organization grew its revenues from just under $1.1 million to more than $1.6 million in little more than 16 months. Jennie oversaw the asset purchase of a new business for the organization and the launch of an expanded fitness center which served as a new cost center for the growing facility.

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Caitlin Curran Hatch

Senior Consultant
cell: 570.617.2371

Caitlin Curran Hatch is a 1985 graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and a 1988 graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center. She serves as a Senior Consultant for Quantum Governance, supporting the firm’s clients with more than 25 years of experience in the business and legal sectors.

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Gil Nolan

Senior Consultant
cell: 441.333.7764

Gil Nolan is an experienced process reengineer, project manager and governance advisor currently serving as a Senior Consultant with Quantum Governance. In partnership with clients, Gil works to conceive, understand, plan and implement success, believing that many great ideas already exist in the hearts and minds of the people in client organizations.

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Pamela Barit Nolan

Senior Consultant
cell: 441.333.9996


Pamela Barit Nolan is a Senior Consultant with Quantum Governance, having joined the organization after a career that spanned almost 20 years in the financial service industry and nearly 10 years in the nonprofit sector. She has been a banker, investment manager, board member, executive director, fundraiser and manager. She has presented complex financial issues to clients, created and executed divisional and organizational business and strategic plans, facilitated workshops, hosted discussion groups and individually coached colleagues, friends and clients.

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Shannon Zayas

Operations & Survey Manager
Assistant to Michael Daigneault, CEO
cell: 314.703.2942

Shannon Zayas is Operations & Survey Manager, as well as the Executive Assistant to Michael Daigneault, the CEO of Quantum Governance. She also works as a project coordinator for many of Quantum Governance’s largest clients. The firm provides corporations, large and small businesses, nonprofits, credit unions, professional associations, and governmental entities with state-of-the-art and cost-effective governance, strategy, facilitation, and ethics services.

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