What is an L3C?

It’s no secret that in today’s society, our needs and issues are complex: healthcare, affordable housing, help for our aging population, fi­nancial security, education, the environment. And many well-meaning, hard-working people in both the for- and non-profit sectors are working hard to address them. 

But, businesses are far too often focused only on meeting the bottom-line, and their counterparts in the nonprofit sector are often driven by their missions to the point of near bankruptcy.

As in everything, balance is vital.




And here at Quantum Governance, we have found that balance – as an L3C (low-profit, limited liability company) which is a new type of legal entity. 

Our firm integrates the best of both the for- and non-profit sectors into one practice…a practice dedicated to the public good…yet one which holds a consistent revenue stream as important and necessary, albeit secondary to changing the world.

For more information on our innovative L3C structure and philosophy, please read this great article on L3Cs.