Our Philosophy & Approach

shutterstock_169311875Our goal is quite simply to help strengthen how organizational leaders utilize both the formal and informal authority that has been vested in them.

How they think, make decisions, develop strategy, persuade, develop future leaders, structure their board and execute initiatives. How they communicate with key stakeholders…with their staff…with their customers…with their marketplace…with their constituents…and even with each other.   

There are some that say “good governance” centers on legal issues – bylaws and conflicts of interest policies and how an organization’s Board of Directors oversees its audit process.  

At Quantum Governance, we ask our clients to look much deeper…  

Yes, the legal issues are central to good governance, but they are only one component. Good governance also includes broad issues like building a trusting and effective leadership team, fostering effective board renewal, holding others accountable, defining clear roles and responsibilities and thinking in a genuinely strategic manner.

Our philosophy is a collaborative one.

You will find that we are driven by our heads as well as our hearts…we will ask not only the tough questions but the right ones…and we will commit ourselves to join you and your colleagues on a path towards discovery and growth.