Our Mission & History

Our mission is to inspire exceptional vision, governance and leadership for non-profit and for-profit boards and senior management.  

This mission, and indeed our unique organization, was born out of a sincere commitment to better our world.  We believe that each of us, in our own way, has the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.  And that counts.  It matters how you close the deal, build the product and treat your staff.  

It matters how you govern and lead your organization.

And the good news is that while you are adhering to good governance, you are also doing what is ultimately best for your organization.  And everyone benefits – whether you’re running a multinational corporation, a credit union, a foundation or a small community-based nonprofit.

Our History

Quantum Governance, LC3 was founded by Michael G. Daigneault and Alessandra Daigneault in 2012. Michael and Alessandra joined forces to capitalize on their distinguished careers spanning more than 55 years collectively as a nationally-renowned trainer, consultant and motivational speaker and one of the brightest legal minds in corporate America, respectively.  

Driven by a strong commitment to impact organizations at the highest level, Quantum Governance focuses its work in the Board room, with the CEO and other members of senior management – knowing that these individuals have the greatest impact on organizational governance and effectiveness.

In the firm’s short tenure, Quantum Governance has built a reputation as a leading consulting practice among credit unions, nonprofits, professional associations, security organizations, governmental entities, foundations and corporations.  Today, the firm works with more than 50 clients located across the United States and internationally, including the United Kingdom, Bermuda and South Korea.

Quantum Governance is a unique L3C organization that integrates the best elements of both the for- and non-profit communities into one practice.  It is a low-profit, limited-liability service organization dedicated to the public good and one of the very first such legal hybrid organizations in the United States.