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CUES / Michael Daigneault Podcast Released

Listen in as Quantum Governance's CEO, Michael Daigneault, talks about effective strategy on his first CUES podcast!
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Join Michael at the Supervisory Committee Seminar

Michael will be presenting, along with his colleague, Al DeLeon of DeLeon & Stang, at this year's Supervisory Committee Development Seminar in July.  Register Today!

QG Webinar on Building Better Board Meetings

Michael_Daigneault_1Listen to QG's inaugural, free webinar for nonprofits on Building Better Board Meetings.  Listen now!

Our Team

We hire only the brightest and the best.  Learn more about our virtual team of experienced consultants, facilitators, attorneys and professionals.

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Our Favorites

We have read more books on governance, strategy and management than we ever thought possible, and we've identified our favorites here for you.

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Our Clients

The journeys we take with each of our clients inform our thought, strengthen our resolve and deepen our commitment to good governance.

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Why Partner With Us?

Our goal is quite simply to strengthen how organizational leaders utilize both the formal and informal authority that has been vested in them.  We go beyond the legal components of governance, like bylaws and conflict of interest policies and audits, to look at broader issues. 

We’re also interested in how your organization and its Board are building a trusting and effective leadership team, holding others accountable, establishing clear roles and responsibilities and forging ahead in genuinely strategic ways.   

Our philosophy is a collaborative one.  You will find that we are driven by our heads as well as our hearts…we will ask not only the tough questions but the right ones…and we will commit ourselves to join you and your colleagues on a path towards discovery and growth.

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